Backer Board PRO Fixing washers are very easy to fix, and are specially designed for use with our Backer Board PRO insulation boards in three specific ways.

1: The tile backer board washers have a counter sunk midsection. Because the Marmox style board can pull the screw into the insulation, but not the outer rim of the washer. Consequently, the remaining protrusion sits flush with the board’s surface hence making it ready for an unhindered application of the subsequent additional floor layers.

2: Created with a perforated surface which will maintain a maximum board surface exposure because the washers have a metal surface. Metal surfaces are not designed to be fixed together with most standard adhesives and plasters as they will not adhere to each other. By strategically perforating the centre of the washer disks it allows the adhesive or plaster to adhere to the boards surface minimising any risks of the surface delaminating.

3: To protect the insulation fixing washer discs from corrosion they are galvanised and this minimises almost any chance of degradation over time.

We would highly recommend using 15 washer discs per 1200 x 600mm board. This is however only a rough guide to the number of washers needed to be used with Backer Board PRO tiling backer boards. Depending upon the material, thickness, sub surface and the final floor covering to be put onto the boards, these tile backer board washers can be used on either wall or alternatively on floors. It is the responsibility of the installer to use the correct number of discs which hold the board firmly in place.